Replacing the Ignition Switch and Door Handle (Temporarily)

Since I was able to successfully break into my Beetle earlier after losing my only key, now I have to swap the old ignition switch and door handle with ones that I have keys for. Once I get a new key made, I will be able to swap the matching set back in.

As mentioned in the Replacing the Ignition Switch post last year, the new switch I purchased doesn’t allow the key to be removed when it is fully clipped into place. It’s therefore really easy (too easy, actually) to remove. It only took the tip of a pick.

Back in the house, I inventoried all of my key related parts to find the old ignition switch and door handle with mismatched keys.

Using the same pick in the appropriate spot, I was able to release the old ignition tumbler from the switch.

And it slotted right back into place.

Since I have already changed door handles so many times, I didn’t bother taking pictures of the process, but here that is installed.

And for my own future reference (or for a talented thief to take this thing off my hands) here are the details from the ignition cylinder with key code.

I had a brainstorm shortly after this and called AAA to clarify if getting a replacement key cut was a covered service. They confirmed that they would cover up to $150, so great! They transferred me over to Roadside Assistance, who scheduled the service.

Spoiler alert, twelve hours later, AAA called me back (after midnight) to apologize that no one ever called or came and rescheduled for the next day. Spoiler alert #2, they called back thirteen hours later and cancelled the service because “You’re in Asheville and the locksmith is in Fletcher.”

It’s now my problem to go have a key cut and turn in the receipt to AAA for reimbursement. Excellent service, as expected these days.

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