Installing the Fire Extinguisher and Cover

After sewing a black vinyl fire extinguisher cover, it’s time to actually install the thing.

I purposefully aligned it a little off center on the tunnel, because my big ol’ gas pedal foot was hitting the extinguisher when it was centered. A couple of self tappers held it in tight.

There was another black foam pad on that center bit that I later found stuck to my hoodie. Stuck that back in place and clamped in the fire extinguisher.

And now with the vinyl cover in place.

The end caps are a little long, since the tunnel is round-ish. I cut a couple of slits in each end, hoping it would lay better.

But, meh. Again, it’s fine. I think I will probably make a new cover later. We’ll see where that eventually lands on the project priority list. It may be determined by whether the wind whips this cover around while driving with the windows down. I may see if I can Velcro the cover down at a later time.

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