Oil Change and More To Dos

It had been a while since I last changed the oil. Though I haven’t driven many miles, it seems like a good thing to do. I remembered something was strange last time around and I couldn’t remember what it was, so I ordered a new sump cover and magnetic drain plug, along with a new oil filter and the usual oil change kit with new gaskets and screen.

Once I got up in there, I was reminded of what the problem was before. One of the studs on the sump cover is stripped, or at least threaded almost all the way up into the case. I was able to get a bit of thread to bite on the cap last time, but not so much this time.

The rest of them tighten it up enough that it isn’t leaking. The oil that you see in the pic is from elsewhere under there. I will need to add that to the To Do list for next season.

And for my own reference, let’s check the odometer instead of a calendar this time.