I. Lost. My. Only. Key.

I’m an idiot. We have established this. My key ring is a Harbor Freight carabiner. Keys fall off of it in my pocket all the time.

While I was out of town at my mom’s house, one day I happened to notice the Beetlebug key was nowhere to be found. I searched all through my dirty laundry, inside and around all of the cars and trucks that I had driven, in the yard, etc. When I got back to Asheville, I searched my yard and driveway, around the house, etc.

The key was gone. It could have been dropped at any variety of grocery stores, gas stations, I-40 rest areas, and restaurants spanning 170 miles between Asheville and Thomasville.

I purchased that key with matching door locks and ignition cylinder while visiting Thomasville last summer in Replacing Door Lock Cylinders (Again). As further proof of my idiocy, I purchased two new key blanks to have new keys cut, but clearly never did have those keys cut, so here we are.

Let’s Break In!

I gathered some break-in supplies: mechanics wire, plastic trim tools, and a Harbor Freight pick set.

My first attempt failed, because the mechanics wire is very thin. Once it would get a bend in it, all leverage was lost.

As mentioned previously, I’m an idiot and tried the same approach two more times with similar results.

After doubling (and later tripling) the mechanics wire, I was finally making some progress.

Worst crane game ever, but I finally got it!

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