More Front Hood Sealing Needed (and Other Easy Wins)

After Replacing the Front Hood Seal, I still have some wind coming through the dash when driving. Not as bad as it was, but definitely still an issue. I have mentioned before that the front end of the car has had a smoosh and the bonnet is out of round, as compared to the body it’s supposed to be sealing against.

I had previously seen a video of someone installing a Brazilian lip style slip on hood seal. The information I found online said that it can be used with or without the factory seal. Alright, I’ll give it a whirl (jbugs link).

It started going on fairly easily, but there were a couple of places that it didn’t want to fully “slip-on”.

I got the whole thing mounted up and there was a nice chunk left over at the end.

It’s not exactly clear in this picture, but you should be able to see dat gap tho.

It’s still not a tight seal. I have a feeling only replacing the bonnet will fix that.

The added thickness at the top end has also made it really hard to close. It just barely clips into place now. I’m out of adjustment on the striker. It’s as far out as it will go.

While I’m here, I may as well replace the handle seals.

One of the first things I replaced on this car was those handle seals. The new parts (matching what was on there previously) were clear(ish), hard plastic. The new ones cracked and broke within a month or two. This time, I picked up soft black rubber ones (jbugs link).

They installed without issue and will hopefully last longer than the previous ones I wasted money on.

Apparently, I had recently gone on another buy cheap parts online spree, because I also had a new engine cover bump stop (jbugs link) waiting to be installed.

For once, I’m not replacing something that was in awful condition. This time, it was missing altogether.

I had to thread it in all the way, but it’s a nice, tight fit back there now.

Lastly, fresh air box seal I made from (not very) adhesive weather stripping back in I Give Up was annoyingly still sticky enough to grab half of the debris that fell through the grate. The last item in my shopping spree was a new fresh air box seal (jbugs link).

There is a thick glue joint that only wanted to fit into one of the corner cracks. Jamming it in there made the glue joint moan a little.

I don’t have terribly high hopes for its longevity.

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