Feel No Pain (2010)

The James Machine

Recorded mostly in the fashion of Sour Grapes, I took a week off from work and spent those days writing and recording Feel No Pain. The working title was originally Melvin's Helmet, as the idea bits that I was starting with were lower tempo, drop D, hard driving songs inspired by the Melvins' and Helmet's brand of heavy. Once recording was complete, I dropped this title, because there was really no Melvins sound to be heard, but if you listen past the vocal harmonies, hand claps, and tambourines, you will hear the Helmet influence.

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Track listing

1. For Your Honor
2. Royal Intercom
3. Don't Stand Out
4. Feel No Pain
5. Stimulus U.
6. Local Radio
7. In Shadows
8. The Life Of The Mind
9. The Last Day
10. Stowaway
11. Carry On