Stowaway (2010)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

A stowaway
in the ventilation system

I've got the heat on,
I hope you're comfortable

Gonna have to chase you out

This can't be healthy
It's kind of creepy
Who knows what that thing is
or what the hell it's doing in there

I tried to gas it out
Just gassed myself instead
Gotta wonder what's wrong with my brain

I've got some better things to do
than crawling under
in the crawlspace
it's like spelunking, but not
Insulation, see-through crickets,
it sucks
Your lucky break
I guess you're safe for now

Gotta try to run it off
Gotta try to close up all the gaps
Hope I don't see its rabid little face

It's gonna suck I just know it
It's gonna suck I can feel it

A stowaway
in the ventilation system


2010 - Stowaway
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum samples
Added 11/21/2010


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