Mosquitos Bite (1997)

By James Moats in Thomasville, NC

earlier tonight a mosquito flew in my eye
after i swatted him away he came back again to say
when he came back he landed on my back
he plunged his needle in and took some blood

this time i just played along
i've got enough to go around
i've got enough blood to go around

don't you lay a hand on me
i'll show you what i want you to see
i'm tired of being shooed away
i've finally got the nerve to say
don't lay a hand on me

earlier tonight the glimmer fell from my eye
every ounce of energy blew away
soon i realized several hours had passed by
i'd had made it through made it to another year

with fire he drew the life from me
my eyes are too red to see
he drained me but he's full to the brim
someone else's cup runneth over again


1997 - Mosquitos Bite
in Thomasville, NC on 4-track with drum set
Added 04/07/2004