Bastard (1996)

By James Moats in Greensburg, PA

father time never stops moving
mother nature just stays the same
father time can't find the time
to watch mother nature waste away

i've got twenty-seven different reasons
to laugh at you as i walk away
it's funny though i don't need a reason
that's all there is nothing more to say

i knew this bird but he went away
it got too cold so he went away
i don't know where he is but it's warm there
this is between me and yesterday

take me with you and take me higher
on a southbound flight up above the ground
take me down there to bask in the sunlight
i would rather be anywhere than here tonight

it's hardly sometimes or never that i
can find the strength of emotions to cry

i don't want you to see
what i don't want you to see
i don't want you to be there for me
because i don't want you to see

it's hardly sometimes or never i lie
i've lost my will to forgive goodbye

i forgot my will to forgive


1998 - Bastard
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum mosheen
Added 04/07/2004


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