The Ride (1996)

By James Moats in Greensburg, PA

just reach out and take it
that's just too damn easy to say
it's so hard to stay happy
when contentment is so far away

who are you telling me it's all right
who are you giving me advice
do you want to know me
or just say you tried

well don't give me that
i'm not buying that no more
i'm not playing that
you can watch me head for the door

i'm slowly sinking deeper
and the slope is getting steeper
i just want some peace of mind
i've wasted so much precious time

i am going nowhere
can't you see it in my eyes
destined to go where
untouched by those eyes

is there a place where
no one will criticize
where i control the ride
and only ride when i like


1995 - The Ride
in Greensburg, PA on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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