Sink or Swim (1996)

By James Moats in Thomasville, NC

sink or swim
that's what i hear from him
that advice landed me here again
but i swim

it feels like the smiles only come
when my feet are planted in the bottom mud
but i swim

i run around and look around
and think about him
i try to find a reason to be firm and still bend
and i swim

i can find enough energy to tread
just below the air covered edge
it's hard to keep a nose above
to suck in a salty breath
there's no motivation so i just stay soaking wet
so i swim

he has no reason to fight
so he thinks
he doesn't feel what i see
so he sinks

we take a breath and sink
we run out of breath in sync
it's not as deep as you think
it's just the kitchen sink

just pull the drain


1996 - Sink or Swim
in Thomasville, NC on 4-track with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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