Let Down (1995)

By James Moats in Tucson, AZ

crammed in head first
kicking and screaming
more than ever and smiling

the mail brings news like this each day
and it comes to me like a record broken
fall down to the ground and pull away
you lose this time i win

it's just a game to you
something fun something new

bite your tongue

and over there all is lost
skin is pale white as a ghost

someday when i'm tall i'm gonna be like you
strong and firm like a wall
tell me what it's like to be true

i've tried again to give up and
throw the towel in
but you won't let me

screw you then
fuck you then
eat shit then
kill me then


1995 - Let Down
in Greensburg, PA on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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