He Pretends (1995)

By James Moats in Tucson, AZ

someone's hiding inside
i see someone who's trying to hide
i'll let it go this time
they're not ready for me to find them

where are you
i can't find you
i can't see
i must be blind

i'll play the game for awhile
i know if you win you'll smile
just take it as it comes
disguises come undone

where are you
i can't find you
i see you
but i'll let it go

give me some clue where are you
i feel like i'm all alone because i pretend i can't find you

he pretends and she doesn't know
he can't find her
and she doesn't know
he's looking for her


1995 - He Pretends
in Tucson, AZ on boombox with no drums
Added 04/07/2004


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