One-Headed Freak (2012)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

I'm only going to say this once
its not a phase, there's really no other way
to make it through each day
without at least disemboweling someone

just keep it locked away
they don't make a bigger cage?
don't stand too close
or it will tear off your face

come one, come all, queue up
to see the amazing one-headed freak

what made it this way
maybe radioactive waste
maybe drank pure rage
or the whore of Maybelline

don't you get lonesome?
who validates your existence?

now we've found our way
right back to the start of the conversation

I'm only going to say
it once again it's the only way
to make it through the day
without disemboweling you


2012 - One Headed Freak
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum set
By Yes, Mayhem
Added 03/20/2012


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