Friend and Nemesis (2008)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

What a week it's been,
the best possible, considering.
I've seen shades of myself
I hardly recognize,
it's been so long.

It's good to see you.

Old friend and nemesis
Come sit and reminisce

The times we had
were the beginning of everything.

It's good to see you.

Don't forget,
next week,
it's possible to feel this,
to be this way.

Old friend, enjoy this.
Just take it in, forget about
our nemesis.
He seeks approval
of your imaginary friends.

Our friend and nemesis
is just lonesome,
wading aimless,
through a sea of faces
of the ones he shouldn't meet.


2008 - Friend and Nemesis
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum samples
Added 12/11/2008


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