I Could Wish (1992)

By James Moats / Nicky White in Wadsworth, OH

if once around the world is not
too many times for you
come with me in the summer time
flying high in skies of blue

i wish that i could touch the sun
and reach the other side
meet me there my only friend
and hand in hand we'll fly

if this day could last forever
then i'd spend it all with you
with music in the air
there's nothing else i'd rather do

i wish that i could wash away
the things i've never seen
sometimes i wish that all of this
was just a twisted dream

but now that i'm alone
i think of you and often cry
i never said hello
but never meant to say goodbye

take take me back again
to the time when i was free
i wish the world would leave
and it'd be only you and me


1997 - I Could Wish
in Thomasville, NC on 4-track with drum set
Added 04/07/2004


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