Render Me (2005)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

a pie pan in the face of me
is what i need to desaturate

to pixelize and posterize
render me unrecognizable

i do
need to
out do

the big picture i'm the painter
what's left is the blur effect

no one to blame but myself today
the file size exceeds storage space

i need to
i want to

don't you
want to
out do

why can't it be in a pamphlet
motivation one - two - three

so how about it dr. phil
do you have an hour to kill

on me

paint shop me
photo shop me
render me unrecognizable


2006 - Render Me
in Asheville, NC on Digital 8 with drum set
Added 02/07/2006
Updated 01/01/2007


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