Fart Flavored Candy (2003)

By James Moats in Noblesville, IN

i go farther out and farther into space
and farther away from wherever i donate
i haven't been seeing straight
i've been falling out as of late

sugar water is flooding out my brain
it's throwing off my equilibrium
i seem to have lost all shame
i've been scrubbing hard to remove the stains

who turned the picture around
who put the picture face down
why is this happening to me
man how did this all come to be

it's saturday in the middle of the week
and the senior citizens have hit the streets
it's yesterday in the middle of next week
and i'm trying to shake this losing streak


2003 - Fart Flavored Candy
in Noblesville, IN on PC with drum set
Added 04/07/2004