Generations' Proof (1994)

By James Moats in Wadsworth, OH

so show me what you can do
to try and change my opinion of you
feelings so deep about nothing at all
millions of caring eyes

just a little girl
with the weight of the world
and the world sheds a tear or two

i'll tell you i care and smile
and i might believe it's true
so cry for me awhile
there's so much left for you to prove

such grown up things
yet so juvenile
pretending you have to fake that smile

generations' proof
too much to lose
can't cry again
faking it again

i can see how hard it must be
i can see straight through
so shallow i can see
the bottom of your pool

good luck to you


1997 - Generations' Proof
in Thomasville, NC on 4-track with drum set
Added 04/07/2004


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