Sunday Best (2002)

By James Moats in Indianapolis, IN

he puts on his sunday best
and walks around downtown
she thinks he needs some help
but he doesn't want help at all

i'm tired of this limp
this leg is not a good fit

she feels sorry for him
she doesn't want to see him cry again

i'm tired of this lisp
i want to get my speech fixed

he's got a job at the cinn-a-bon
where the pretty girls come
he likes the fact that they're not quite fat yet
from eating all of that shit
their moms will drop them off at the door
and come back at four

he's got a phat car
that he drives like a rock star

they're walking side by side down the aisle
just like the first time
this is the day that she's been waiting for

her parents are here
i haven't seen mine in years

now they're going to have a baby
and he's not quite ready for that


2010 - Sunday Best
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum set
Featuring: Dan Taylor, Kevin Lawrence
By Yes, Mayhem
Added 09/01/2010
2003 - Sunday Best
in Indianapolis, IN on PC with drum set
Featuring: Dan Taylor (bass, drums, guitar)
Added 09/18/2004


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