Tourist Season (2001)

By James Moats in Asheville, NC

it's leaf season
and the streets are full of rvs
pulling suvs pulling saturns
and each one's full of floridians from ohio
that's where they plan to go
when the leaves change

to a patchwork of earth tones
the colors of the seventies
like the afghan that my mother would wrap me up in

well come and get you some cool
and soothing mountain air
it'll do wonders for your blue hair - blue hair
it's far better than last years
week long trip to branson
maybe tomorrow
we'll get to see the biltmore mansion

in a matchbook of earth clones
and people in their seventies
they're clogging up the buffet lines
and wearing out their atlas spines

go away - take your brake lights back
and your heart attack in the
fast lane - take your brake lights back
and your heart attack

it's tourist season
and i've got my in-state license
and my orange carhartt
i'm up in my tree stand
and now i've got a plan
i'm gonna bag a trophy timeshare salesman

it's society depriving everybody
of the ability of thinking free
we've got the army ants
and the worker bees
and the retirees
chasing happiness or what they're told it is
it's all right here
you watch too much tv
and you think it's funny
it just makes you stupid


2006 - Tourist Season
in Asheville, NC on Digital 8 with drum set
Added 02/07/2006
Updated 03/21/2008
2001 - Tourist Season
in Asheville, NC on PC with drum mosheen
Added 04/07/2004