Bottling Day – Oatmeal/Mocha/Coffee Stout

Sunday, November 18, 2018

I bottled this beer, apparently. According to my notes and the fact that I have drank it all since, yeah, it was bottled.

The separated chocolate sludge never did dissolve or settle, though it did leech the color out.

Final Gravity: 1.013 – 5.38% ABV

It tastes good, but there is still a bit of ye olde band-aid.

In drinking the beer, there is a ton of the used-to-be-chocolate sludge in each bottle. I bought a couple of reusable micro-mesh coffee filters and poured the beer through it.

After a couple of glasses, this is what made it through the fine mesh

That picture is taken from below the glass with the ceiling light fixture directly overhead, by the way. It can be confusing.

Yes, I drink beer out of a stemless wine glass.

Like a fancy, fancy lady.

Because I deserve it.

I originally tried using paper filters, but less than one beer fully clogged the paper to where the last bit wouldn’t even flow through.

Next time, use chocolate malt instead of actual chocolate.

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